Comprehensive Family Dentistry in Fairfax & Oakton, VA.

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When you're searching for a dental practice to care for the diverse needs of your family, you want a team with extensive knowledge and skill. At Jones Family Dentistry, we bring you decades of experience and practical knowledge working with patients of all ages. From toddlers as young as two to senior family members, our team stands ready to support the oral health of your loved ones, no matter what stage of life they're in.

We built our practice on a foundation of treating our patients like family, which extends beyond our skilled services to creating warm, engaging patient experiences. From the moment you walk into our office, our dedicated staff provides a friendly, welcoming atmosphere where your family feels at home. We look forward to meeting you and being your partner in family dentistry for years to come. Schedule your appointment today to discover family dentistry excellence in Fairfax and get your family the dental care they need!


Why Choose Us for Your Family Dental Care?

Because we work with diverse age groups every day, our dental team has the broad experience and depth of knowledge to diagnose, treat, and prevent many dental issues that arise throughout life. We take time to look at the big picture when approaching dental care for your family. Our team considers shared genetic and lifestyle factors, enabling us to craft highly personalized and effective care plans. This approach provides invaluable insight to identify potential issues and address your unique dental healthcare needs.

What Does a Typical Family Dental Checkup Include?

Your first visit to our practice involves a comprehensive review of your existing medical records and a conversation about your dental health concerns. Our dentist conducts detailed x-rays and thorough oral exams, looking at your teeth, gums, tongue, jaw, head, and neck in detail. This thorough approach enables us to create a personalized treatment plan focused on promoting and maintaining your unique oral health needs.

Providing Skilled Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry is one of the main focuses of our practice. We recognize the vital role of a complete, healthy smile on your overall dental health and self-confidence. Our comprehensive restorative offerings include:

We also offer extensive pretreatment options like extractions, bone grafts, and sinus lifts to prepare your jaw and smile for dental implants. Our team strives to be your one-stop shop for restorative dentistry, offering all the care you need to complete your smile under one roof, no matter how complex your needs may be.

A Focus on Education and Preventive Care

One of the cornerstones of our family dental services is preventive care, and our commitment to careful monitoring and proactive care runs through everything we do. We strive to provide skilled treatments that reduce the risk of future dental complications. Alongside our routine cleanings and examinations, we empower you and your family members with education and tools for effective at-home oral hygiene practices.

Addressing Teeth Grinding With Night Guards

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Bruxism, or teeth grinding, is an oral health issue where patients unconsciously grind or clench their teeth. Bruxism causes wear and can lead to decay when left untreated. To address these issues, our dentist offers custom-fit night guards to protect your teeth during sleep.

Night guards help protect your smile by creating a barrier between your upper and lower teeth, reducing the pressure of grinding or clenching while you sleep. These custom-fit devices are comfortable and effective, allowing for a peaceful night's rest without further damaging your teeth. Additionally, night guards can alleviate jaw discomfort and make you less likely to face complications such as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ-D).

Family Dentistry FAQs

Our family dentistry spans various areas and procedures across all life stages, and it's natural to have questions. Some of the common inquiries we receive include:

What services do you offer for senior patients?

We provide comprehensive dental care tailored to the unique needs of our senior patients. This includes routine checkups, cleanings, restorative dentistry, education, and denture care. We also prioritize accessibility, with wheelchair-friendly facilities and a private parking lot.

While we don't offer orthodontics in our office, our practice works closely with trusted orthodontists to provide coordinated care. We will monitor growth and development for young children and refer patients with all the information needed to make getting orthodontic care as easy as possible.

We've invested in various technologies that make your experience at our practice more efficient and comfortable. For instance, our intraoral scanners, often used in restorative dentistry, do away with the need for uncomfortable putty impressions while producing exceptionally detailed 3D models of your smile.

Your Practice for Experienced Family Dentistry in Fairfax

Our passion is promoting the dental health of your entire family, creating healthy smiles for life. At Jones Family Dentistry, we treat every appointment as an opportunity to assist and build meaningful relationships with our patients. With an array of services from preventive care to restorative procedures, we pride ourselves on helping families achieve optimal oral health. Contact us today to discover how our family dentistry can promote healthy smiles for life for all ages.


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